Climate Justice

This program seeks to highlight, and recognize that the environment’ isn’t some niche issue that can be easily separated from human concerns; and that solutions to the climate crisis are not just a scientific matter, but a political one too; that our discussions about climate change have to include more than just data and statistics on degrees of warming and atmospheric carbon concentration, but also concepts such as power, access to resources, and justice. Our interventions will focus on;

● Influencing legislations
● Fiscal measures for climate change
● The use of tax policy to address climate Justice
● Media training and literacy for climate Justice
● Public- Private Partnerships

Our flagship project under this is Partnerships for Climate Justice - a project that seeks to build collaborations, synergies and consolidate efforts intended to create awareness about the need for solutions to climate change that take into account the complex global politics. Further recognizing that, although global warming is a global crisis, its effects are not felt evenly around the world. The worst effects of the climate crisis – for example extreme heat, flooding and crop failures – are disproportionately felt by countries and communities in the Global South whose contribution to the crisis in total falls under 3%. This project advocates for the accountability, that all countries decarbonize at the same rate, split the remaining carbon budgets equally between them and that the Global north supports the developing nations to transition to clean energy and adapt to climate change to make amends for the disaster they created whose burden is borne by the global south