Data for Development(D4D)

This program seeks to develop innovative solutions using data (evidence) to confront poverty, inequality and other global challenges. Data ( evidence) is critical for relevant decision making in order to address development needs, and accelerate development in key sectors including Education, Health & Agriculture among others. This program promotes the use of data and data informed- strategies to solve development challenges. As such, interventions focus on;

● Research
● Development of data tools including dashboards, score cards & performance metrics
● Transformation of raw data into insights
● Development of cogent theories of change

Our most recent project is GaT͟Hər Surveys - a project that is pioneering several innovative solutions using citizen surveys to foster public involvement in governance –Implying the involvement of citizens in a wide range of policy making activities, including the determination of budget priorities, tax policy, shaping and improving service delivery, while ensuring the design of public policies and programs for a sound public sector management.