Gender Inclusivity and Equity

This program seeks to deliver new insights on the gender equity divide across sectors and help to provide solutions to inform policy action. Informed by the compelling Adolescent Girls Vulnerability Index – which found that girls/women face disproportionate risks and distinctive consequences from the vulnerabilities experienced and yet play a crucial role in breaking the intergenerational cycle of poverty and driving a country’s development forward.
This program will play the critical role of contributing to the decisive efforts of accelerating progress towards parity, with interventions focused on;

● Influencing legislation ( Laws, Policies & Regulation that create a gender neutral environment)
● Fiscal measures ( Financial Incentive & Support)
● Technology & Infrastructure (Addressing financial & digital exclusion)
● Public–private partnerships(Private sector can play a huge role in maximizing work opportunities for women)
● Capability building, advocacy & shaping attitudes ( Convening Partnerships that are likely to accelerate progress)

Our flagship project under this area is, Promoting Gender Justice in the Extractives Sector in Karamoja, Acholi, Teso & West Nile Sub-Region of Uganda - a project that focuses on the lived experiences of artisanal women miners in Uganda, and seeks to address the problems validating the peripheralization of women in the extractives sector in Uganda.