Economic Governance

The Economic Governance program seeks to advocate for sound Macroeconomic policies, foster Transparent and Accountable Public Institutions, Strengthen Public Finance Management, ensure fair distribution and use of scarce resources while facilitating engagements between Government & Citizens; in order to secure inclusive growth & sustainable development. To realize this, we focus on;

● Effective Domestic Revenue Mobilization
● Natural Resource Revenue Management
● Reliable Public Financial Management
● Enhanced trade and competitiveness
● Stable and deep financial sector
● Effective institutions and services
● Favourable framework conditions for sustainable trade
● Reliable basic public services

Our flagship project under this area is Supporting Citizen Participation in Tax Policy Formulation and Engagement in Revenue Mobilization & Accountability Processes –a project that seeks to shed off the ambiguity surrounding taxation and targets raising of the public’s awareness and understanding of Taxation and Revenue based accountability. We seek to equip Ugandans with the information and tools they need to advocate for a tax system that caters for the needs of all members of society, and facilitates effective domestic revenue mobilization; while fighting injustices manifested through fiscal policies. To realize this, we intervene through; Research, Public Interest Litigation & Advocacy.